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Our Drive – Your Success

We offer a lot of materials which you can download as PDF files: In addition to cross-reference lists, you will also find information sheets here on our products.

Belts and Components

Technology • Know how • Tips

Download (PDF | CN)


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Belts and components

The product range

Download (PDF | CN | 4.7MB)

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Measuring and Fitting Tools

for professional belt replacement

Download (PDF | CN)

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Application guide passenger cars and light trucks 2014/1015

Includes vehicle applications and detailed product range with pictures.

Download (PDF | CN | 40.2MB)

Automotive Aftermarket

Our image brochure containing general information.

Download (PDF | EN)


Fault pattern poster

24 Faults and Their Causes

Download (PDF | EN | 2.5MB)


Timing belt poster

Problem – Diagnosis – Solution for Timing Belts

Download (PDF | DE | 214KB)



V-belt / Multi V-belt poster

Problem – Diagnosis – Solution for V-Belts / Multi V-belts

Download (PDF | EN | 239KB)



Poster OE

OE Competence

Download (PDF | EN | 2.0MB)

Timing belt kits plus water pump

Information on Timing Belt Kits Plus Water Pump

Download (PDF | EN | 1.9MB)


Multi V-belt kit from ContiTech

Full control of tension

Download (PDF | EN | 286KB)



Product Information at a Glance

Download (PDF | EN | 650KB)

...if the drive breaks down en route

What you need to know about engine timing belts

Download (PDF | EN | 285KB)